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Distributors for SMF or VRLA Batteries used in UPS Application s

We are authorised dealers for Exide Batteries and Inverters for manufacturing companies

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We deal with all kind Exide batteries and inverters, whether its for Manufacturing companies, Commercial, Automobile or Home Purpose please get in touch with us for a better sale and service. As we are authorised dealers and suppliers of exide batteries in Hyderabad.

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We deal will with all kind of Exide batteries and inverters for commercial purpose or for Big manufacturing companies and also home purpose. If you want a power back for any of these requirement please get in touch with us. We will help you based on your requirement. As we are the authorised dealers and suppliers of exide batteries in Hyderabad.

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The growing need for VRLA batteries has made it important for us not to lose focus in this segment. Exide has recently launched its InvaTubular GEL. This new battery range has been designed with Exide’s propriety Torr Tubular Technology range of maintenance free VRLA Tubular Gel Batteries. IT GEL is completely sealed, and no topping up is required ever in its life. If you think this is enough, there’s more. It has 20% more life than conventional flooded tubular batteries, and is housed in a DIN container with a lighter footprint. It has a gelled electrolyte, which highlights no topping up or spoilage. It also consists of an un-screw protected durable valve for pressure regulation with filter disc. This battery will be most suitable for deep cycle applications. Last but not the least, it has a long life, with a 48 month warranty.

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Exide brings you various types of batteries for UPS application: SMF VRLA Range Flooded Tubular Range, SMF Tubular Gel Range, The batteries are widely used in UPS Systems, Telecommunication Systems, Office Automation Equipment, Security Systems, EPABX Systems, amongst others

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EXIDE 2 VOLT CELLS BATTERIES AVAILABLE @EXIDEHYDERABAD.COM For stand by duties in Power Plant, Transmission & Distribution Substations, Switchgear Operations, UPS systems for critical operations – Plante, tubular, VRLA batteries are used. Plante batteries have an expected service life is greater than 20 years when operated on float or trickle charge at 25°C. The capacity retained at 100% throughout the life span and therefore no ageing factor. Exide’s range of 2 Volt Cells are the nerve center of Power Plants and major Infrastructure related Utilities across the country. As we provide the exide battery in hyderabad.

Instabrite 150 ah with 36 months warranty.

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Tube Master Semi Tall Tubular Battery with 36(24+22) months warranty

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InstaBrite 150 ah Inverter battery