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Exide has introduced a new battery series for inverter application. Exide Inva Master – Tubular battery, This InvaMaster tubular battery is available in different AH ranges to suit your requirement. Inva master – Some models are short tubular and some models are Tall tubular. Best alternative for people who can’t afford expensive Exide IT500 Tall tubular battery.
Smf vrla inverter tubular car battery
Smf vrla inverter tubular car battery
Exide IN880 Plus 88AH Battery for Pricing and Warranty please call us for complete details
Exide insta brite - 36 months warranty - new variant inverter battery into Exide family- very attractive price
Exide battery stockist at Hyderabad and Secunderabad region. All vehicle batteries , inverter batteries, UPS batteries With home delivery facility.
Scorpio and Tata sumo vehicle battery xp800 with warranty 36 months . Contact : 04066636663. All types of Exide vehicular batteries at reasonable price.
NXT Series - 3 Years Warranty Features & Benefits Deep cycle application. Fast recovery from deep discharge. Extended cycle life. Fast recharge capability. Excellent charge retention. Free from Orientation constraints. Eco-friendly. XHD Series - 5 Years Warranty Features & Benefits Tubular VRLA battery. First Of its kind. Comparison Between MF Flooded And Industial Battries. EP Series Specifications Chart.
Inverters , tubular batteries, flat plate battery, smf, vrla, ups batteries , traction , 2 volt batteries . All at one place . Only at Exide power centre, SR Nagar.