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Exide InvaGo – Tubular Battery Exide has launched its new inverter battery model ‘Exide InvaGo –Tubular battery. It’s not just one another tubular battery model; it’s an innovative product from the battery manufacturing giant Exide. At Present, Exide InvaGo – Tubular battery is available in 150 Ah & 200 Ah capacities only. 150 Ah is the best seller in the market. Models Two Models are available IG 150 – (150 ah) IG 200 – (200 ah)
Instabrite 150 ah with 36 months warranty.
InstaBrite 150 ah Inverter battery
Exide tall tubular batteries - 150 ah capacity - invamaster10000 and IT500 . High performance batteries for inverters. Available at Exide power centre , SR Nagar, Hyderabad.
exide inverter plus 150ah battery Very low maintenance: Special hybrid alloy system, High reliability and extended cycle life: Ribbed free polyethylene pocket type separator along with texturized glass mat - double clad separation protects the design against internal short. Thick plate construction with special paste formulation. Hybrid alloy system for withstanding high ambient operating conditions as prevalent in India, Easy maintenance: Float/Float guide to indicate electrolyte level. Bolted type terminals fitted with shroud for easy connection, Instant state of charge indication: Magic Eye enables instant state of charge without having to open the plugs, Clean top with no surface leakage and fumes: Side vented design fitted with micro porous filter disc
Exide IT500 GEL Tall Tubular 150AH Battery it has ability to withstand frequent deep discharge Reliability over months Low maintenance Minimum emission of gases/fumes Key Features VRLA convenience with Torr Tubular toughness, Maintenance free tubular battery, Housed in tall EL/DIN containers and occupies less floor space, Gelled electrolyte – no topping up, no spillage, Unscrew-protected durable valve for pressure regulation with filter disc, Most suitable for deep cycle application Long life
EXIDE XPRESS 150AH-XP1500, Ideal for Generator, with high cranking power. Hybrid Alloy helps in withstanding the harsh Indian environment.Highly durable and leak resistant, comes with enhanced recharge capability and is ready to use soon after installation, Micro-porous filter disc locks acid fumes and restricts spark propagation and thus ensures safety. If you looking for any Exide batteries or inverters or Ups please get in touch with us as we have a branches all over in Hyderabad and we do door delivery as well. If you getting any call waiting while you calling please leave us a message with your requirement from make an enquiery from this website so that we will call back asap.