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Exide InvaGo –Tubular Battery, Exide has launched its new inverter battery model ‘Exide InvaGo –Tubular battery’ last month.It’s not just one another tubular battery model; it’s an innovative product from the battery manufacturing giant Exide.Exide InvaGo battery is different from tradition tubular battery designs; it has a unique outlook and some useful customization which eliminates the need of inverter Trolley.Normally, more than 60% of users buy inverter trolley with Inverter& battery for home use, Exide InvaGo Inverter battery is provided with caster wheels at bottom to facilitate moving it like a trolley. It also has a slider tray at the battery top to place the inverter. This tray is carefully designed not to disturb the water topping process, which should be done periodically.This trolley type design of the battery itself denotes that this particular battery model is specially made for use with inverters/homeups. If you looking for any kind Exide products please get in touch with us, we have branches all over in Hyderabad. If you getting any call waiting while you calling please leave us a message with your rewuirement from make an enquiry so that we will call you back asap.